Welcome to The Edinburgh Telephone Choir

We are an Edinburgh based choir who focus on singing a wide range of light music at different events through the year. Our popular annual concert, in the Church Hill Theatre, at the end of April/beginning of May has become an Edinburgh institution.

Our 2016 concert, from 4 to 6 May, was titled “A Musical Alphabet”. We had brilliant support – as we have had for several years now – from KS Dance Academy and Broxburn & Livingston Brass Band.

Our first concert this season was at St Nicholas Buccleuch Parish Church in Dalkeith, where we gave an informal charity concert on Friday 28th October.

We gave four performances over the 2016 festive season. We are now working hard on new pieces for the annual concert.

The season 2016/17 will be the choir’s 70th year. Our annual concert is planned to feature music from every one of those seven decades.